Thursday, May 28, 2009

{Day 6} Part 2 - Linen Closet

In the process of labeling my baskets, I was able to declutter our enormous linen closet and complete Day 6 of the Spring Cleaning Party from a couple weeks ago. This linen closet is HUGE and has gone through phases of organization, but has truly become the dumping ground for all of the junk that I don't know what to do with. It's a holding area, if you will.

I had a shelf for candles, one for empty frames (either gifts I've received or frames that haven't yet made it up in our "new" house), one for smaller gift items I buy throughout the year, then everything else was a hodgepodge of miscellaneous electronics, baskets, china/chrystal, old home movies, stuff I need to sell on Craigs List, etc.

This area has become the thorn in my side. I found some clearance fabric trash bins at Target last year ($20 marked down to $3!) and bought 5 of them with the intention of organizing this closet and dressing it up a bit. And today, those bins are full and even labeled. No more peeking in every one to see what's inside!

Before picture, the left side of the closet

After, left side

Before picture, the right side of the closet

After, right side

Look at those empty shelves!!! Whatever will I put there? And here are my pretty, repurposed trash bins. Don't they look nice?

As burned out as I was after the 2 weeks I decluttered, this felt REALLY good. But now I'm exhausted. Again. I still need to do our master bedroom closets, which is another item on my 101 Goals. And for good reason...they need a major overhaul. Ugh, I dread. Maybe next week. Or the next. Or sometime in July...


chandy said...

I have never seen so much stuff in one house before! You are definitely more of a stock-piler than I am...

Denise C. said...

What a HUGE linen closet!!!!

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